Welcome to Forest Physical Therapy, I'm Katy and I am a therapist based in the Forest of Dean, specialising in sports massage, remedial therapy and mobility coaching. 

I work together with clients to create personalised treatment plans which treat the source of the problems and help them to work towards achieving their goals.


 Discussing the goals you want to achieve, any muscular issues you may be having and a physical assessment of posture and movement, will enable me to create a structured treatment plan which will be unique to you. 


Treatments are personalised to suit your needs. Every client has different goals and reasons for needing massage therapy, I use  different soft tissue manipulation techniques, stretching and exercise programmes for each individual.


With regular treatment and advice, 

together we can work towards your progression whether it be for sport performance or general health and wellbeing. 

Testimonials and reviews 

"I’ve had trouble with tight calves whilst getting back into running. Katy has been great at sorting the knots out enabling me to keep training." 

"Katy has been amazing helping me through my ankle rehab post tendon injury working on all the other areas that have been affected too. I would highly recommend Katy for recovery and maintenance"

"Highly recommend this professional service. Katy was good at identifying problems and working hard to get them sorted. Good prompt and clear communication. I will definitely be going back."

"Thorough treatment with a good and clear knowledge of the issues I was facing and how to manage the symptoms combined with the treatment on the day. Amazing value and service."

"Katy did a great job at sorting my shoulders out, a good combination of feeling relaxed and work being done on the area that needs fixing!! I have been waiting a while now for it to flare up so I can book another session but all is good . Katy has done a great job and I would highly recommend."

"Very very good
knowledgeable sports therapist"

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Lydney | Gloucestershire | England